Anritsu Announces Support for 8ch FEC Tests For MP1900A Signal Quality Analyzers


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This Signal Quality Analyzer supports both generations of 400-GbE PAM4-signal multichannel FEC patterns and Jitter Tolerance measurements

Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of test and measurement solutions, has announced that it is adding PAM4 PPG 8ch synchronous/FEC pattern-generation functions to MP1900A series of Signal Quality Analyzers. Through this, the company will be supporting FEC tests of 400-GbE and next-generation 800-GbE QSFP-DD and OSFP transceivers.

FEC, in conjunction with PAM4, can implement faster, larger (of the order 400-GbE) and qualitative communications at data centres. As a result, transmission quality tests for QSFP-DD, OSFP, etc., optical modules can quickly confirm the degree of error correction using multilane FEC patterns with added jitter and ISI stress. Moreover, such measurements require a signal source for accurate control of the 8 synchronized channels and the phase and patterns between channels.

Supporting 8ch synchronisation of FEC patterns


The Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series Pulse Pattern Generator all-in-one BERT supports both generations of 400-GbE PAM4-signal multichannel FEC patterns and Jitter Tolerance measurements. Along with 1ch and 4ch patterns, 8ch pattern synchronization and FEC pattern generation functions support 8-lane transceivers for 400-GbE communications.

Consequently, the Anritsu MP1900A series supports the generation of 8ch synchronized FEC patterns as defined by the 400GBASE-LR8/FR85 standard, as well as error insertion and jitter and ISI stress functions using the MU19602d0A PAM4 PPG Multimode with the Inter-Module Sync, FEC Pattern Generation, Emphasis and Adjustable ISI options.

Thus, 8ch stressed signals synchronized using these functions are transmitted to QSFP-DD, etc., transceivers to implement more-reliable, high-reproducibility FEC tests by analyzing the results after error correction.

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