Analogue Input Module for Development of EVs


A solution to simultaneous measurement of multiple channels, this analogue input module can pave a way for the development of electric, fuel-cell, and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The analogue input module announced by Yokogawa Electric Corporation can enable recorders and data loggers to be applied in performance evaluation tests of electric vehicles (EVs).

Suitable alternative

Performance evaluation tests for the development of EVs, FCVs, PHVs and onboard vehicle batteries comprise measurement of voltage levels in multiple battery cells. It has been approximated that these batteries can have hundreds of interconnected cells. The developed module can help avoid the measurement of multiple voltage levels simultaneously.


Its incorporation in evaluation tests can be an appropriate alternative to the required measurement of multiple channels under high-voltage conditions. The GX90XA-10-V1 module will be a part of the OpreX Data Acquisition family of data collection and control solutions.

Additional Features

Additionally, the module has the ability to withstand a common mode voltage of up to 600V DC or 600V AC rms and contains two layers of insulation. It also has the capability of sampling data at intervals of 100ms. These characteristics can make the module suitable for performance evaluation.

The module can also be used for electrolysis process and electrolysis tanks. On mounting the module on a recorder or a data logger, voltage measurement data can be monitored from one system and the collected data can be uploaded to a database for sharing.

The analogue module targets developers and manufacturers of EVs and on-board rechargeable batteries, as well as users of electrolysis tanks. Moreover, it can be applied in the measurement of data such as temperature, voltage, current, flow rate and pressure.




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