ADLINK Presents Full Spectrum of PXIe Gen3 Test Performance Options


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  • Includes 7th Gen Intel® Core processor for high performing test and measurement applications
  • Offers high system bandwidth and processing power

ADLINK Technology has announced a new family of high-performance PXI Express (PXIe) products for test and measurement applications. This family includes PXIe Gen3 Controllers: PXIe-3987, PXIe-3977 and PXIe-3937 that are equipped with Intel® Core™ Processors such as i7-7820EQ 3.7 GHz, Intel® Core™ i5-7440EQ 3.6 GHz, and Intel® Core™ i3 i3-7100E 2.9 GHz processors to meet the specific demands of a wide variety of high-end, middle and entry-level test and measurement applications.

With PCIe Gen3 technology, ADLINK controllers stretch data transmission limits and offer advanced system bandwidth for applications that require large data processing in parallel and tight synchronisation, such as 5G and RF testing. The new PXI-39xx family leverages the processor’s multiple computing cores and threads, thus simultaneously running independent tasks along with delivering maximum computing power to meet the complicated and professional application needs.

The PCIe Gen3 technology enables the ADLINK PXES-2785 to house multiple function modules and connect them with an 18-slot PXIe Gen3 backplane to offer a high-performing system bandwidth of up to 24 GB/s, slot bandwidth of up to 8GB/s and ample power for advanced functional peripheral modules. Furthermore, the high-volume airflow design offers a cooling capacity with up to 82W thermal dissipation per slot to maintain stability and sustained operation of high power-consuming modules.


ADLINK is committed to offering a full spectrum of performance options to help organisations develop their products. “ADLINK follows strict compliance with the PXI standard for reliable interoperability as we’ve developed more than 50 PXI products worldwide,” said Louis Hsu, senior manager of ADLINK’s Open Instrument Business Center. “We continue to expand our quality PXI offerings with this new family of products to provide our SIs and equipment manufacturers with the choices they need to meet their diverse requirements in the industries of Aerospace & Defense, Semiconductors, and Communications.”

In compliance with PXI software specifications, the ADLINK PXI Platform Service (APPS) software framework provides Windows services and driver support for ADLINK PXIe/PXI products, allowing trouble-free interoperability of application software between chassis, controllers and peripheral modules from different vendors.

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