5G Test Set Supports Sub-6GHz New Radio

Test platform supports the latest 5G Sub-6 GHz tests defined by 3GPP Release 15 with automatic, fast measurements


Anritsu said that the software for its Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A now supports the new 3GPP 5G Sub-6 GHz New Radio (NR) RF measurement standards.

The enhanced 5G Sub-6 GHz NR Uplink Tx Measurement and Downlink Waveform File software options will support non-signaling based 5G Sub-6 GHz TRx tests.

The 3GPP Release 15, which defines the 5G NR standards, was announced in December 2017.


Telecom operators are targeting early 2019 for a rollout of commercial 5G services.

The company notes that the 3GPP 5G NR standard defines the use of frequency bands up to 52.6 GHz. However, early deployments will be focused on the Sub-6 GHz spectrum, which has the advantage of offering services with frequencies close to 4G LTE, such as mobility and wide area coverage.

Support for this Sub-6 GHz standard is expected to be the first step for vendors of 5G devices.

“With a frequency band of up to 6GHz and a bandwidth of 160MHz, the MT8870A supports the 3GPP 5G Sub-6 GHz defined test conditions without requiring any hardware upgrade”, Anritsu said. “Thus, users can expand functions for 5G Sub-6GHz NR while minimizing upgrade cost risks”.

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